“One Piece” Fans eagerly await what will happen after Chapter 1081, the most recent chapter of the well-liked manga series. The previous chapter, “The Legendary Hero,” turned the emphasis away from the major conflict on Egghead Island and introduced new characters and storyline themes that are certain to be extremely important to the progression of the narrative.

At the beginning of r/onepiece chapter 1081

We start out with Garp’s Galaxy Impact. A fuller image of the impact’s area emerges, and it turns out to be smaller than many of us had first thought. When Garp’s Ship touched down in that area, he immediately claimed to have lost his touch. This also accomplished the same thing in Egghead as it did at the conclusion of the Enies Lobby Arc. Eiichiro Oda is making older people like garp and silvers rayleigh admit they are past their prime. I’m hoping Garp employs this strike in any Roger vs Garp fight scenes so we can compare the two.

Kuzan Enters And Joins The Battlefield

In this chapter of One Piece, Kuzan’s Entry was awesome. Hibari suddenly stopped chatting to Koby as they were rushing towards garp, and as they turned around, they noticed Kuzan standing in front of him. Then there is a flashback. It was a fascinating flashback. Also, Kuzan’s style is top-notch. And it appears that he did so effortlessly, freezing every single Blackbeard pirate. Marshall D Teach, Jean Lafitte, and Catarina Devon appear to be the three that weren’t frozen, but we cannot see all of them there. They suddenly start drinking and having a good time.

Who is the man marked by flames?

About the Man Marked by Flames, No, it’s not Saul at all. We learned more. He is said to be on a completely dark ship, and anyone who comes close to it would be sucked into a whirlpool—this might be a devil Fruit Power. And Teach learned that this individual is with one of the Missing Road Poneglyphs. Kuzan is unaware of the World Government, contrary to Shiryu’s assumption. All of these are merely rumors, therefore they shouldn’t be treated as verified information just yet. Additionally, this individual is either a new character or a figure that hasn’t been the center of attention for a while, like a former Roger pirate or something. 

Will Blackbeard get betrayed by Kuzan?

The reason Kuzan joined Blackbeard was also revealed in this chapter. He is not Teach’s devoted ally, and neither are they, close friends. Kuzan wants to join Blackbeard in order to achieve a certain goal. Teach claims that’s what pirates actually are. Each of them has their own agenda. And once Kuzan gets his way, he will turn on Blackbeard. But whatever it is, it won’t occur at this time. We barely gained anything from the plotline since it would have been too simple for Kuzan to turn on Teach. This can be anticipated in the following 3 arcs. However, Kuzan will undoubtedly turn on Teach, and he won’t be able to locate any of the Strawhats.

Teacher vs Student – Garp vs Kuzan finally happens

Back in the present, Kuzan and Garp are getting ready for battle. Teacher versus Former Student. Kuzan was one of those instructed by Garp. Kuzan discussed a significant debt he owed Garp, which may have been the subject of his remarks at Marineford. Nevertheless, Kuzan freezes Garp with an ice ball to start the battle, as he did with Whitebeard in Marineford. And like Whitebeard, Garp managed to escape from it.

Garp grabbed Kuzan by the face and threw him through the Ground before launching a named attack “Blue Hole” on him. Because Kuzan left the Marines, Garp didn’t like him and thought Kuzan lost his path in life. Can’t wait to watch how the fight plays out. I’m hoping that all of the other Blackbeard Pirates join this Battle. To improve this battle, I want it to be just these two and some Garp/Kuzan flashbacks. 

Blackbeard vs Law ( Heart Pirates )

Law is likewise vanquished, and his Polar Tank is destroyed, much like Kid. Additionally, we learned that at the time of the Rocky Port Incident, Law stole the 100 Hearts in order to become the shichibukai. However, Beppo took some pills developed by Chopper and turned to Sulong before Teach could do anything with Law’s Ope Ope devil fruit. Excellent Transformation. He grabbed Law with him and fled, leaving the remaining Heart Pirates behind. In the end, it was a fantastic chapter, comment down your thoughts about this chapter.


Thus chapter 1081 has concluded with more plotting twists. Will Beppo return to save the other crew members or leave them there till their captain revives fully? comment down what you think guys see you in the next post.


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