As you know, the one-piece is so popular in anime nowadays. There is a clan even celestial dragons are afraid of. So, I will be explaining the powerful people in this specific series, so let’s start with all the Strongest ‘D’ clan members in One Piece “.

Rocks D Xebec

Rocks D xebec is a mysterious legendary pirate and the captain of the most fearsome pirates in the history of one piece world. It is unknown and not shown in the series till now, Rock’s abilities and individual strength. He built a crew of extremely dangerous pirates, indicating that he is an extremely powerful character and most likely the strongest Character of his time.

Some facts about xebec are:

  • He was the captain of the Rocks Pirates.
  • Xebec wanted to conquer the whole world with his powers.
  • He had the strongest pirate crew in the whole pirate era.
  • His crew members were Whitebeard, Big Mom, Shiki, Kaido, and some other infamous pirates of his time.
  • Xebec was the most formidable rival of pirate king Gol D Roger.
  • He was so fearsome that it took both Roger and Garp to work together to defeat him.
  • Rocks’ defeat was also a reason for Garp to become a legend, showing how much of a threat Xebec was to the world government, as we don’t know exactly how powerful Xebec was.
  • He used to use all forms of Advanced Haki and was much stronger compared to other pirates of his time.
  • I think rocks d xebec must be the strongest One Piece character until now.

Gol D Roger

In One Piece Gol D Roger was famed as a man who did what other pirates were unable to achieve. He conquered the grand line with his power. Even though he knew that he could die due to his illness. So, Roger disbanded his crew before surrendering himself to the world government. And he comes under the strongest D clan members in a one-piece series.

Some facts about Roger are:

  • Gol D, Roger was known as the king of the pirates.
  • They publicly executed him in Logue town, which changed the world of the pirate era.
  • Roger was the pirate who didn’t have any devil’s fruit powers.
  • He admired many young pirates for his achievements.
  • In his last words, he told everyone that he placed his treasure in one place and whoever finds it can claim it.
  • Gol D Roger Bounty is the highest known bounty until now of a One Piece series.
  • Roger comes under the strongest living one-piece character.
  • He married a beautiful woman named Rouge and had a son named Ace.
  • The pirate king gol d roger used all types of advanced Haki and used only physical strength to fight his enemies.

Monkey D Garp

Garp has the title “Hero of the Marines”. So, you might wonder why Garp with so much power holds the small title of “Vice Admiral” monkey d garp was promoted to a higher title many times due to his achievements. And, You know how Garp is. Because he refused to go for the higher title and wants to be free on his own, and not serve under anyone’s command. Garp wants to do his job alone and be on his own. He comes under the strongest D clan members in the One Piece Anime series.

Some facts about Garp are:

  • Garp is the father of the infamous revolutionary army leader Monkey D Dragon.
  • He is the biggest rival of Gol D Roger.
  • Monkey D Garp is the strongest non-devil fruit user in the Marines.
  • Even though he is 78 years old after the time skip, he still possesses incredible physical strength.
  • His punch is so strong that he used to train while breaking mountains so they know him as “Garp The Fist”.
  • Garp can use all types of advanced Haki and use only physical strength.
  • He is the one who took in 3 Admirals and trained them.
  • Even he made an alliance with Roger to defeat the infamous pirates called Rock’s Pirates.
  • He took Roger’s son Ace under his custody and hid him from the government and raised him with his grandchild Luffy.

Jaguar D Saul

Jaguar D. Saul is a giant and a former Vice Admiral who first appeared as a castaway on the island of Ohara. We first saw him in Nico Robin’s flashback during the Enies Lobby Arc, and by then he had already defected from the Marines.

Some facts about Saul are:

  • We originally believed him to have died while protecting a young Robin from Buster Call that destroyed O’Hara.
  • Jaguar D Saul was a giant who belonged to Elbaf.
  • So he possessed an unimaginable strength.
  • Because in reality, he survived the buster call, and he was alive.
  • But Saul could very well be the man with the burn scar everyone is looking for.
  • However, frozen by Kuzan. Many assumed he had frozen to death because of this.
  • Even though it was against the rules to know about the Void Century, he kept the history of the Ohara library preserved.
  • They do not show that he could use any Haki types.

 Portgas D Rouge

Rouge was a lean woman with long, wavy pinkish blonde hair. She used to wear a pink hibiscus flower in her hair on the left side of her head and had freckles [small patches of light brown color on the skin] on her face, which was passed on to her son.

Some of the facts about Rouge are:

  • Portgas D Rouge was the lover of Gol D Roger.
  • Rouge and Roger had a son named Ace.
  • We know very little of Rouge’s personality, but she seemed to be very sacrificing and kind herself so that her baby boy Ace could be born.
  • She carried Ace in her womb for more than 20 months to save him from the government.
  • Rouge is the first and so far, only known female character in the series to have the initial “D” appear in her name.
  • Portgas Rouge died after giving birth to Ace.
  • She also showed the typical traits of the Will of D. such as smiling shortly before death and powerful will.
  • She didn’t use any type of Haki.

Monkey D Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is one of the most important characters in One Piece and he is the son of Monkey D. Garp and the Father of Monkey D. Luffy. Dragon is the most wanted man because he leads one of the greatest organizations in the entire story which is the revolutionary army. But Dragon is also one of the strongest D clan members who rise above the dangerous members in one piece.

Some facts about the Dragon are:

  • Monkey D Dragon is the head of the revolutionary army.
  • Dragon holds the title of the world’s worst criminal.
  • He has a tattoo on his left eye that describes his role in the series.
  • Even though he is a devil fruit user, he is very much used to using the power of his fruit.
  • He trained Sabo and made him so strong that he can keep up with an admiral.
  • The world government hunts monkey d dragon down and has a huge bounty on his head.
  • Most of the pirates fear the Monkey D Dragon’s name.
  • He became a revolutionary so that he could change the world.
  • Monkey D Dragon can use all types of advanced Haki.

Marshall D Teach

The most mysterious pirate in One Piece is Marshall D. Teach, AKA “Blackbeard”. So, you know that Blackbeard made his first appearance at Jaya when Luffy and his crew were still at that place, quite early on in the Straw Hats’ journey near the Grand Line. Because Teach is one of the strong growing One piece characters among the Strongest D clan members.

Some of the facts about Teach are:

  • Teach is the Captain of the Blackbeard pirates. 
  • He didn’t have an astronomically high bounty at that time, but he definitely was the strongest among the Worst generations.
  • Blackbeard (marshall d teach) skyrocketed his reputation after he captured the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard pirates, i.e. Ace.
  • Blackbeard was actually trying to capture Luffy at that time to gain the position of a Shichibukai for his own benefit. However, he captured Ace instead of Luffy and handed him over to the Marines.
  • Blackbeard now has become one of the 4 Emperors who rule over the New World.
  • He remains one of the most mysterious people in the one-piece series who has the powers of two devil fruits.
  • He recruited the worst criminals among his crew who were at the greatest prison, i.e. Impel Down Prison.
  • We would never have thought that Blackbeard would become one of the strongest and cruelest people in One Piece.
  • He can use All types of Haki but cannot use advanced forms of Haki.

Portgas D Ace

So we know that Ace is the brother of Luffy and Sabo. They are not blood-related, because they share a strong sibling bond, and they consider themselves a close family. They played and grew up together on the mountain Bandit island in the east blue sea.

Some facts about Ace are:

  • Ace made his official introduction during the Alabasta Arc when he went to meet Luffy on the Going Merry.
  • He was the captain of the Spade Pirates and later on, he joined the Whitebeard Pirates and became 2nd Division Commander and led them.
  • As a kid, portgas d ace ate the Mera-Mera no mi devil fruit, which gave him the ability to control, Transform, and create his body into the fire.
  • Ace could create and unleash vast amounts of fire and cause damage on a large scale and even destroy cities.
  • Portgas D Ace and Whitebeard shared a bond of father and son-like relationship and Whitebeard always looked out for Ace.
  • Ace was hunted by the World Government and sentenced to be executed when caught, due to his bloodline.
  • But the sad part is this legend left too early in the series.
  • Ace could use all types of Haki at a very young age.
  • He is the elder brother of Luffy, not brother by blood but by heart.

Trafalgar D Water Law

Trafalgar Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates and one of the most perfectionist and fearsome pirates in One Piece. So, as a member of the Worst Generation, Law was first seen at Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of 200 million berries because he was a pirate and a surgeon. No one thought of him as a rival at that time. But now his bounty has reached 3 billion berries after defeating the yonko Big Mom.

Some facts about trafalgar law are:

  • Trafalgar Law is seen as one of the calmest and most calculating pirates that one-piece creator Oda has created.
  • Law is one of the characters in One Piece who bears the “D” in their name. His real name is Trafalgar D. Water Law.
  • In terms of Luffy’s easygoing nature, Law plans everything out and follows them to perfection.
  • After the time skips, Law has improved immensely and proven himself among the elites by gaining a bounty of 500 million berries.
  • He holds the title “Surgeon of Death” in the One Piece Anime/Manga series.
  • As of now, Law is tremendously powerful because, along with Eustass-Kidd, he defeated the Yonko Big mom.
  • As we saw In the One Piece manga chapters, Law was soloing the Blackbeard pirates alone because we all know how strong he really became.
  • The trafalgar law tattoo on his Hand has a hidden meaning in it.
  • He has the unique devil’s fruit power, and he has mastered using it to his advantage.

Monkey D Luffy

Here comes our most awaited member and the Strongest D clan member in one piece and who loves to eat meat a lot and has the potential to fight with anyone for his friends because he values friendship more than anything. Fans are waiting for the Gear 5 luffy transformation to be animated in the anime series. And it will happen very soon.

Some facts about Luffy are:

  • Luffy ate a devil fruit called “Gomu-Gomu NO Mi” accidentally at a very young age that was stolen by the red-haired pirates from the World government ship.
  • He grew up with his brothers Ace and Sabo Along with the mountain bandits “DADAN” who used to take care of them.
  • Monkey D. Luffy is the captain of the pirate crew known as the “Straw Hats” the Yonko I.e. The captain of the “Red-haired pirates” AKA “SHANKs” gave the hat to him.
  • He recruited the best crew along his journey on the vast seas. He freed and saved many kingdoms. Luffy has a free mind and does whatever he desires without thinking how difficult it might get.
  • He is just an inspiration for others. Even at the age of 17, he defeated 3 warlords, and at the age of 19,  he clashed with 2 Yonko[Emperor] and luffy gear 5 defeating the strongest creature
  • Luffy is known to be part of Emperor of the Seas and it increased his bounty to 3 billion berries after the WANO arc.
  • He has a dream to achieve, i.e. to live freely in the seas and find the greatest treasure of all time. One piece to become “KING OF THE PIRATES”.
  • Luffy can use all types of advanced Haki and he is the youngest Yonko among the Yonko of the sea.

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