If you’re a fan of One Piece, you know that there are countless pirate crews out there, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. But which crews are the strongest pirate crews ranked? In this article, we’ll be ranking the top pirate crews in One Piece based on their overall power, accomplishments, and influence. From the Straw Hat Pirates to the Whitebeard Pirates, get ready to see who comes out on top.

Cross Guild

Cross Guild is a fascinating new pirate crew in the story, made up of three former Warlords of the Sea: Buggy, Mihawk, and Crocodile. Founded by a collaboration between Crocodile and Mihawk to hunt down Marines for a bounty, the organization needed funds, so Crocodile approached Buggy to collect on a debt. Interestingly, they are putting bounty programs on Marines, with symbols instead of money indicating the amounts. While it would be intriguing to know the Admiral’s bounty amounts, the estimate of each crew’s total bounty is staggering. The Cross Guild members’ bounties are known, and their combined bounty is around 9 billion berries.

Big Mom Pirates

The Big Mom Pirates are a formidable group with a massive crew of around 100 known members. Their leader, Big Mom, has an insatiable hunger that once led her to unknowingly consume a devil fruit and its previous owner. The crew’s territory, Total Land, is home to seemingly whimsical creatures with a dark side. Fear of the Big Mom Pirates is widespread, with many races terrified of them. The crew’s power is such that the citizens of Fishman Island produce 10 tons of candy for Big Mom every month out of fear. The estimated total bounty of the crew, including Big Mom, is around 11.5 billion berries, making them a force to be reckoned with. Although the Cross Guild has powerful members like Mihawk and Crocodile, they are unlikely to take on the entire Big Mom crew on their own.

Straw Hat Pirates

Seventh among the strongest pirate crews ranked. The Straw Hat Pirates are the main crew in the series, formed by Monkey D. Luffy in the East Blue. They have defeated formidable foes and liberated nations, gaining a reputation as impossible achievers. Their alliance is of 5,640 loyal members. And crew members such as Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbei have bounties of over 1 billion berries. With Luffy’s new powers and the crew’s overall strength, they should be able to defeat the Big Mom Pirates. The overall bounty for all Straw Hat members is revealed to be 8 billion, 816 million, and 1,000 berries.

Blackbeard Pirates

The Blackbeard Pirates, led by Marshall D. Teach, are one of the world’s four strongest pirate crews ranked right now, Notorious for their ruthless tactics and opportunistic nature. Blackbeard’s burning desire to find the one piece has led him to commit unspeakable acts. such as betraying his former crew and using them to locate the “Yami-Yami no mi” devil fruit. Before the time skip, they even used a wooden raft instead of a ship, showcasing their incredible strength. Post-time-skip, they grew even more potent, adding level 6 prisoners to their crew and gaining the Yami Yami no mi powers.

They easily defeated the Whitebeard Pirates, and with the addition of former Marine Admiral Kuzan, they pose an even greater threat. Blackbeard’s power to nullify others’ abilities makes it uncertain if the Straw Hats can defeat them. Although their total bounty remains unknown, It might be around 11 billion berries, assuming Aokiji’s inclusion in the crew.

Red-Haired Pirates

The Red-Haired Pirates, led by the legendary Shanks, are one of the strongest pirate crews in the world, with an astonishing bounty of over 4 billion berries for their captain. Their crew includes notable members such as first mate Ben Beckman, cook Lucky Rue, and sniper Yasopp. The World Government feared what would happen if they allied with the Whitebeard Pirates, and even during the Battle of Marineford, all fighting stopped when they appeared. Interestingly, they have not consumed any devil fruits, meaning they rely heavily on their exceptional haki skills to survive in the New World. While most of their bounties remain unknown, their apprentice, Rockstar, has a bounty of 94 million berries, leading to an estimate that their total bounty is around 12 billion berries.

Beast Pirates

Fourth among the strongest pirate crews ranked is the Beast Pirates. An emperor’s crew of animal hybrids led by Captain Kaido, the world’s strongest creature. Kaido’s tough skin has made him seemingly invincible, and the crew’s true strength lies in their underworld connections. Through alliances with Do-Flamingo and Caesar Clown. Despite the overwhelming power of Kaido and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates eventually defeated them during the Wano Arc. Causing them to lose their emperor’s position. The majority of the Beast Pirates’ bounty was revealed in the show. Making their estimated total bounty around 12 billion berries, similar to that of the red-haired pirates.

Whitebeard Pirates

The Whitebeard Pirates, one of the most formidable pirate groups, were led by Captain Whitebeard. one of the four Emperors and a rival to the Pirate King. Unlike most pirate crews, Whitebeard valued family above all. Else commanded a massive fleet with 16 divisions, each with its captain. The world government feared them so much that they were willing to use all admirals and Warlords of the Sea to fight them. And Whitebeard was said to have the power to destroy the world. Although they were not invincible, as seen during the MarineFord Arc and Blackbeard’s ambush that killed Whitebeard. Their estimated total bounty, assuming all members are alive, should be around 13 billion berries, the highest so far.

Roger Pirates

Before discussing the strongest pirate crew ranked on the list, let’s review the Roger Pirates. Led by Gol D Roger, they searched the Grand Line for Laughtail and became legendary, much like the Red-Haired Pirates. Unlike many other crews, the Roger Pirates didn’t rely on devil fruit abilities. Their greatest achievement was discovering all four Road Poneglyphs and reaching Laughtail.

They learned the truth about the world’s history, the Void Century, and the meaning of the “D” initial. Roger had a 5+ billion berry bounty, the highest ever recorded, and turned himself in after finding One Piece. He disbanded his crew, and Roger was executed. But some members still have active bounties. The Whitebeard and Roger Pirates fought to a draw many times. Indicating that their strength was nearly equal, and the Roger Pirates’ total bounty was likely over 15 billion berries.

Rock’s Pirates

The strongest pirate crew ranked on the list is the Rock Pirates. So powerful and influential that the world government had to erase their name from history books and conceal their existence. Under the leadership of their captain, Rocks, and other notable members such as Kaido, CharlotteLinlin, Shiki, and even Whitebeard. They became the most feared pirate crew in history, sailing around the world. And doing what they wanted with no regard for consequences or fear of being apprehended.

Rocks were not only the world government’s worst enemy. But, also the pirate king’s main rival, making him the strongest Marine at the time, GARP. And the strongest pirate besides Rocks. After their disbandment. Every known member became a famous pirate and formed a crew. Although the bounty of Rock’s crew is unknown. Based on the world government’s desire to have him killed. It’s comparable to Roger’s, putting his entire crew at around 13 to 15 billion berries.


The world of One Piece is full of the strongest pirate crews to ever set sail. Each crew has its unique strengths and weaknesses, and its legacy continues to live on long after its disbandment. While the strongest pirate crew ranking is no easy task, we hope this list gave you a better understanding of some of the most infamous crews in One Piece’s history and it is one the best anime series to watch. Regardless of which crew your support, one thing is for sure, the grand line will never be the same without these legendary pirates.



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